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Let the dull life have more passion

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Why VOTAGOO was established

Votagoo was originally founded by Jacobs, Mr. Jacobs served in the US Army for 6 years, since he retired, he has become a shooting and outdoor enthusiast, love the sport for decades, Mr. Jacobs, spent a lot on tactical gear money, but he can’t always buy tactical gear worth the money. American-made tactical gear is the best. There is no doubt about this. However, as an outdoor sports enthusiast, Mr. Jacob believes that Good Gear with good value for money, gear should not bring any financial pressure to people, let people enjoy it, this is life. In 2014, Mr. Jacob took this idea to China, Vietnam and the Philippines, and after more than 4 months, he found some reliable supplier producing high-quality tactical gear. Every votagoo product is designed and laboratory tested in California, USA, and we source raw materials and manufacture overseas to guarantee the quality of our products to keep the cost of our products competitive in the global market.

VOTAGOO brand origin

You may be wondering why your brand is called VOTAGOO, I forgot to tell you that our CEO, Mr. Jacob, he is not only an avid outdoor enthusiast, but also an avid vodka lover, Vodka originated in Poland. The word “Wodka” in Polish means “water”. As the alcohol with the highest alcohol concentration in the world, vodka can reach 95% alcohol content. When you swallow vodka, your throat will get a burning feeling, Accord Mr. Jacob said: “Vodka can make me feel that life should be full of passion, not bland. He believes that outdoor life should also be like vodka, which can bring passion to ordinary life. Based on the love for vodka, VOTAGOO, The brand was born, VOTAGOO is the homonym of vodka, which also means that VOTAGOO can bring more passion to people! Life is supposed to be colorful, isn’t it?

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