About The Production Base

Mr. Jacob has long-term cooperative production bases in three countries. The production base of tactical boots is in Tỉnh Đồng Nai, Vietnam, the production base of tactical clothing is in Manila, the Philippines, and the production base of tactical bags is in Guangzhou, China. Mr. Jacob, as a senior player, deeply knows what customers need, so each factory selected has the world’s advanced production equipment to ensure efficient production, and each production base is on its own With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in the field, Mr. Jacob has always believed that the best equipment will always come from the most professional people, which is why Mr. Jacob is not willing to hand over all equipment to a production base for production, although doing so can save him more time and cost, he believes that as long as he can produce the good equipment in his mind, it is all worth it. To further ensure the quality of the products, every product produced by voltage All raw materials are purchased by us, and production can be started only after being personally reviewed and approved by Mr. Jacob. Therefore, every product of Votagoo has to undergo a strict audit before and after production before it can reach the US warehouse.

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